New Zealand's First Certified Natural home cleaning products... what does it mean?


Cleaning up the Home Cleaners

Too often is the case that some companies use ‘Green Wash’ language to claim that their products are natural, eco-friendly, organic based or green without any certifications to back these up, which often confuses people to buy products that aren’t really delivering on the credentials that are intimated in the marketing. So we said enough is enough and we are going to Clean up the Cleaner once and for all. We identified what we believed to be the pinnacle of international certification that is the hardest to obtain if you really want to use the most natural ingredients in your products. It is so difficult to get that there is not a single company globally that has been able to gain this certification for a range of Home Cleaning products this large. And what a challenge it has been….we were going where no one has succeeded. But we have the kiwi ‘can do and will do attitude’. The two founders Nigel and Sigrid must have felt like Thomas Edison conducting thousands of experiments to discover how to harness electricity. They were only allowed to use a limited selection of the most natural ingredients by the NPA to create a vast variety of Home Cleaning products that would work really well. Over a few years, they have been able to refine the recipes down to finally achieve the much-heralded approval and certification. It is so important that you will see the logo on the front of our bottles. 


Do Living Green’s products really work?

Rather than simply take our word for it, we got independent testing completed by industry specialist who’s job it is to do this for a living. We tested our products against other products on the market and can proudly say that ours worked wonders. We know that you can take our word for it, but ultimately you must try them yourself. We invite you to do just that. We trust that you will find them to your liking and satisfaction.


The World’s Highest level of Natural Certification achieved by Living Green

The certification that Living Green has gained is called the United States Natural Products Association certification. Why is this so difficult to achieve? The USNPA is the oldest and most well-respected certifier of products that use natural ingredients. The NPA only allow very narrow selection of the most natural ingredients to be used in the development of product recipes and formulations.  Put quite simply, they do not allow the use of less natural ingredients that our competitors use. We could produce products with the same ingredients but they wouldn't be as natural nor as safe for you and your family and the environment. Our mission is to create the most natural products and so we wouldn’t compromise even though the ingredients we have to use are far more expensive that the less natural ones. Gaining the USNPA means so much to achieve this, that’s why its stamped on every bottle. That’s how we work!