Frequently Asked Questions

See below for answers for most frequently asked questions about our products and their certifications.

The certification that Living Green has gained is called the United States Natural Products Association certification. Why is this so difficult to achieve? The USNPA is the oldest and most well-respected certifier of products that use natural ingredients. The NPA only allow very narrow selection of the most natural ingredients and processing methods to be used in the development of product recipes and formulations. Put quite simply, they do not allow the use of less natural ingredients that of some of our competitors use. Our mission is to create the most natural products and so we wouldn’t compromise even though the ingredients we have to use can be far more expensive than the less natural ones. Gaining the USNPA means so much to achieve this, that’s why its stamped on every bottle. That’s how we work!

The ingredients are detailed on the packaging of each of our products. We are different to any other company in NZ as we use the MOST NATURAL AND CERTIFIED ingredients in our products, which mean that they are arguably the SAFEST for you, your family and the environment.

We had independent testing completed by industry specialist whose job it is to do this for a living. We tested a selection of our products against some leading competitors and can proudly say that we did a damn fine job. We know that you can take our word for it, but ultimately you must try them yourself. We invite you to do just that. We trust that you will find them to your liking and satisfaction.

Yes, as the ingredients are the Most Natural On the market. While they are safe, if in the very rare situation they are ingested, we have details on the pack.

The Living Green Products are locally manufactured in our ISO and GMP accredited factory in Auckland, New Zealand with the exception of dishwashing tablets which are manufactured to our unique USNPA approved formula in Europe.

There are specially designed perforation lines on the back of our bottles. Simply run your thumb or finger under the perforation and peel the sleeve off the recycled plastic bottle. Place the sleeve in your landfill bin and the bottle in your recycling bin.

Refills are coming soon! Due to the high demand for the Living Green range, we have had to fulfill those requirements and then we will get the team onto the task of creating our refiller options.