What does Natural mean to us

What does 'Natural' mean to us.


We believe that this Product, which is part of our Home Cleaning range, meets and exceeds the World’s highest standards for natural products as supplied by significant commercial suppliers for domestic use in relation to both ingredients and the processes used to prepare it.  
There are standards in these respects set by the US Natural Products Association (Standards for Homecare Products).  

We believe that the Association’s standards for these products are currently regarded as the highest in the world in these areas.  
This Product is prepared in compliance with the standards specified, and like others in our Homecare range.


“Natural” is the term used for certification provided by the US Natural Products Association. The NPA is a Washington based American industry body.  According to its website it was founded in 1936, and is the nation’s largest and oldest non-profit organisation dedicated to the natural products industry.  
Its members are spread over retail, manufacture, wholesale and distribution locations of natural products, including food, dietary supplements and health/beauty aids.


Its website contains the following definition and explanation of the class of items to which this applies as follows:


So... What are Natural products?


Natural products are represented by a wide array of consumer goods that grow in popularity each year.  


These products include natural and organic foods, dietary supplements, pet foods, health and beauty products, “green” cleaning supplies and more.  Generally, natural products are considered those formulated without artificial ingredients and that are minimally processed.”


The NPA has developed a standard and accompanying certification specifically for “Natural Home Care Products”.  


The NPA Natural Standard, certification requirements cover ingredients and processes.  All the items in our natural Home Care product range are made with at least 95% of all natural ingredients (not counting water) with the remaining ingredients limited to only comprise “allowed synthetics”.  
There is an illustrative “Positive List of Ingredients” and all of our natural ingredients, not counting water, are as shown on that list.


There are no non-natural ingredients or synthetics included in this product except those which are authorised (into a cumulative total of less than 5% of the total) as shown in Appendix 2 of the NPA and also that no ingredients which are known to be prohibited by the NPA are included.


The processes used to prepare these products are believed to be compliant with NPA requirements and, where relevant are prepared following the NPA illustrative list of allowed processes.


We are proud to have an active programme for monitoring continuing compliance.

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