How to clean your cleaning equipment

In your household, you’ll have a range of cleaning equipment to help you get the job done. Over time, that equipment will accumulate the dirt and grime associated with particular jobs. To maintain your healthy home, you’ll need to keep your cleaning equipment in good order – and that means ensuring you clean items regularly.


Here’s how we recommend maintaining some of your common cleaning items:


Vacuum cleaner: Cleaning your vacuum regularly will help make it last longer and work more effectively. To clean, unplug all the different connection pieces and hoses. Use a clean, soft rag or dish towel to wipe around each opening and pass through the hoses to collect dust from the sides. You can also use canned air to check for blockages and blast out dust. When you’ve done that, clean filters following directions, wash out rollers (and cut away the long hairs the accumulate around the brushes) and wash down the outside with mild soap and water.


Rags and Sponges: We use these every day to wipe up spills and keep benches and other surfaces tidy. They can become loaded with grime quickly. According to Apartment Therapy magazine, you can actually sterilise sponges by wringing them out and placing them in the microwave or dishwasher. For rags, rinse them in the sink with hot water first to get rid of any residue from your cleaning products. Then you can toss them into a hot wash.


Microfiber cloths and rags: Microfibers cloths can do wonders for clearing up dust and grime. The issue is that when you wash them, tiny fibres can end up in the wastewater and find their way into waterways, where fish mistake them for food and eat them. Placing them in a bag for delicates helps to prevent you from losing too many fibres, and also lengthens their lifespan. It’s also best to rinse them first and wash them alone or with your towels.


Scrubbing brushes: Your brushes for washing dishes and glasses can be thrown in the dishwasher to wash and sanitize. Try to do this at least once a month.


Brooms and Mops: These are often neglected when thinking about cleaning your cleaning items. For mops, you should wash the sponge in your dishwasher every month, and replace it when it becomes too worn. A wipe down of the handle with a mild cleanser and you should be ready! For your broom, you’ll want to half-fill your sink (or an outdoor bucket) with warm water. Submerge the broom bristles while you run your fingers through them to remove all the dirt and dust. Drain the water, then run your broom under the tap (hot water) until the water runs clear. Leave your broom outside in the sun to dry (or at least stick the bristles out the window so the rest of the water drips off).


Washing machine/dishwasher: It might seem odd that you need to clean something that spends all its time cleaning, but keeping your washing machine clean will help it last longer. Try running a warm rinse with a little white vinegar. Make sure to open the door/lid and let it air dry when it’s done.


Are you cleaning your cleaning equipment as regularly as your house? Give your scrubbers, sponges and mops a little love and they’ll help keep your home healthy and happy for years to come. Once you're done, check out the Living Green Range for the best certified organic products to use with your cleaning equipment.


Posted by on October 15, 2018