Certified Natural

Laundry Powder

Fragrance Free


With natural enzymes for effective cleaning power that’s tough on stains, leaving your clothes clean and smelling fresh. Made from non-toxic plant and mineral based biodegradable ingredients that are certified to the highest international standards. Grey water and septic tank safe. No added dyes or harsh synthetic chemicals.


Add to machine’s dispenser or dissolve in water then add to the machine. Set to the desired cycle. Do not put powder directly onto clothes. If very soiled, soak overnight with Living Green Super Oxy Laundry Soak and Stain Remover. Suitable for use with cold or warm water. Always read garment and machine washing instructions and test colour fastness. Do not soak zips or metal buttons.


Independently tested and certified to the highest international natural standards by the United States Natural Products Association. The oldest and most respected natural certification body.


Sodium Carbonate (Soda Ash), Sodium Bicarbonate (Natural Mineral), Sodium Sulfate (Natural Mineral), Sodium Citrate (Citrus Derived), Sodium Oleate (Natural Mineral), Sodium Percarbonate (Natural Sources), Sodium Metasilicate (Natural Mineral), Sodium Borax (Natural Mineral), Ethanol (Sugar Cane Derived), Decyl Glucoside (Sustainable Plant Derived), Calcium Silicate (Natural Mineral), Himalayan Salt (Natural Mineral), Natural Enzymes (Natural Fermentation), Potassium Carbonate (Natural Mineral), Kanuka Oil, Kiwifruit Extract.


1kg / 33.5 fl.oz - 32 washes for top loader, 64 washes for front loader | 2kg/ 70.5 fl.oz - 64 washes for top loader, 128 washes for front loader