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How to clean your kitchen thoroughly in only 20 minutes

We all know that if we put off cleaning tasks, we end up having to spend hours scrubbing accumulated dirt from a single room. However, dedicating even a small amount of time every week will help you keep mess and germs under control, as well as keeping your home safe and comfortable.


This simple cleaning routine takes less than 20 minutes and will reward you with a sparkling clean kitchen.


Step 1: Gather your supplies.

Finding cleansers, cloths, sponges and mops as you need them wastes time. Gather everything you need before you begin. As well as the usual items, include a box for items that don’t belong in the kitchen.


Step 2: Run a sink of hot, soapy water.

Place any dishes that need soaking into the water.


Step 3: Clear the benches.

While the dishes are soaking, clear everything off the benches, floor, and other surfaces. Get rid of rubbish and recycling, place items that don’t belong in the kitchen into the box, and put items that belong in the kitchen away (wiping them off first if you need to). Don’t get distracted by rearranging cupboards or returning items to other rooms of the house.


Step 4: Clean dishes

Wash the dishes in the sink or load and start your dishwasher.


Step 5: Wash down surfaces.

Use your favourite all-purpose cleaner or grease remover to wipe down all visible surfaces, including countertops, tables, splashbacks, fronts of cabinets, drawers, and appliances.


Step 6: Empty rubbish and recycling bins

Take out rubbish and recycling to your outside bins. If required, change out liners or rinse/wash your bin.


Step 7: Vacuum, sweep and/or mop

Now that your benches are sparkling, clean your floors. Your choice of cleaning appliances/products will depend on your floor surface.


Step 8: Relax! You’re done!

You can put your feet up with a cup of tea and admire your freshly cleaned kitchen.


This method will give your kitchen a surface clean. If you have an extra 10-20 minutes, each time you clean, tackle a deep cleaning task like scrubbing out the microwave, cleaning the oven, wiping out drawers, or cleaning the fridge. This will help you keep on top of these deep-cleaning tasks without having to spend hours scrubbing.


For a sparkling clean kitchen that’s healthier for your family and the environment, choose certified natural cleaning products from the Living Green range.

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