How to clean your living room in just 15 minutes

If left for too long, housework can feel like a monumental task – hanging over your head like the sword of Damocles. But if you tackle each room once a week in a short, 15-20 minute block, you’ll be able to keep the majority of dirt and grime at bay.


In this article, we look at a cleaning routine for your living room / lounge that can be done in 15 minutes.


Step 1: Assemble your supplies.

Gather everything you need for cleaning, including vacuum, broom/mop, cloths, detergents, spray cleaners, polish, and dusters. Include an empty box or hamper.


Step 2: Pick up and pack away.

Your first step is to clear away clutter and get rid of any items that don’t belong in the room. Clear off all surfaces. Use your box or hamper to collect items that belong elsewhere in the house. Don’t put them away – you can tackle that later, once you’ve finished the living room. (Or better yet, get someone else in the house to take responsibility for putting them where they belong).


Step 3: Dust surfaces

Starting at the top of the room with the highest surfaces, clean the tops of the television cabinet, tables, and other areas that collect dust. As you dust and clean each surface, replace objects that belong there and arrange in a pleasing way.


Step 4: Stack the stuff

Many living rooms include stacks of magazines or books under the coffee table, records or CDs in a rack, or DVDs under the TV. Stack piles neatly, replace open cases into racks, and tidy up these areas. Don’t worry about ordering things correctly – just get it all squared up.


Step 5: Vacuum it up.

Now it’s time to tackle the floor and rugs. Run the vacuum through the room to collect dirt, grime, and pet hair from the floor. Don’t forget to suck up the spiders in the corners, and to use the upholstery attachment to run over couches and other furnishings.


Step 6: Finish the floor.

If you have any areas that require sweeping or mopping, now’s the time to tackle them.


Step 7: The final touches

Rearrange the couch cushions, sweep out the hearth, straighten the rug, replace the fresh flowers, and spritz a little air freshener. Now you can relax with your feet up – you’ve completed your living room clean!


If you have extra time, you can tackle one deep-cleaning task every week, such as washing the windows or moving furniture to vacuum underneath. And don’t forget for the best home care and cleaning products that contain only certified natural ingredients, shop at the Living Green range.

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